Why do moles choose your garden as their place of residence ?

Moles, these small underground creatures that dig complex galleries beneath our feet, are often seen as pests in our gardens. But why exactly do they choose your garden as their place of residence? Let's try to unravel this underground mystery.

Moles are underground dwellers who carefully select their place of residence, often opting for specific gardens. The first criterion that influences this choice is the type of soil. Indeed, moles are attracted to loose soils rich in earthworms, which constitute their main source of food. Therefore, a garden with moist, loose soil is more likely to attract them, creating an environment conducive to their establishment.

Besides soil quality, the abundance of food also plays a crucial role in the mole selection process. As they feed primarily on earthworms, well-tended gardens rich in underground life provide an abundant food source for these little burrowers, thus enticing them to make themselves comfortable there.

Additionally, moles prefer peaceful, undisturbed environments. Thus, a relatively quiet garden, without too much human or animal activity, constitutes an ideal refuge for these discreet creatures, where they can live and reproduce in complete tranquility.

Protection from predators is also a determining factor in choosing where moles live. They are vulnerable to attacks by predators such as dogs, cats and birds of prey. Therefore, gardens offering natural shelters, such as dense bushes or piles of leaves, provide moles with additional protection from their natural enemies, thus favoring their presence in these environments.

Finally, weather conditions also influence mole activity. They are more active in wet, rainy weather because the soil is easier to dig and earthworms come to the surface. Thus, areas experiencing frequent rainfall are more likely to see the presence of moles in gardens.

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In conclusion, several factors can explain why moles choose your garden as their place of residence. If you want to avoid their presence, you can try to make your garden less attractive by reducing soil moisture, eliminating food sources, and making the environment less conducive to creating underground galleries. However, it is also important to remember that moles play a vital role in the ecosystem by aerating the soil and controlling the earthworm population.