Why are moles visiting your garden ?

You've spent hours lovingly tending your garden, planting flowers, vegetables and shrubs, but recently you've noticed mounds of dirt mysteriously appearing on your lawn. The culprit behind these mounds could well be the mole. But why are these underground creatures chosen specifically for your garden? In this article, we'll explore why moles may be attracted to your outdoor space.

 Moles, being opportunistic creatures feeding primarily on earthworms, insects and larvae found in the soil, are attracted to gardens with an abundance of food. So, if your garden is rich in nutrients and attracts a wide variety of insects, it can provide an irresistible invitation for these animals to take up residence.

Moles prefer to dig complex tunnels in soft, moist soil because it allows them to move more efficiently in search of food. Therefore, if your garden has well-drained, loose soil, it could provide an ideal habitat for moles, which could make it easier for them to settle in.

In areas where natural predators of moles, such as foxes, weasels or birds of prey, are rare, these animals can thrive without fear. If your garden provides a relatively safe environment for these little creatures, they may be more inclined to invest it.

Moles dig complex tunnels to protect themselves from harsh weather conditions, such as heavy rain and extreme temperatures. So if your garden has dense ground cover or areas of undisturbed soil where moles can hide, they might be attracted to this added protection from the outside elements.

Finally, moles may be attracted to gardens with favorable conditions for breeding, such as nutrient-rich soils and relatively peaceful environments. If your garden meets these criteria, it could become an attractive breeding ground for moles.

The optimal treatment to eradicate moles

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Versatile, this treatment is not only effective against moles, but it is also suitable for eliminating marmots, badgers, field mice, voles and other burrowing mammals that could cause damage to your outdoor space.

Its use is disconcertingly simple: you just need to apply it directly to the mole galleries for maximum effectiveness. With the “Stop Mole treatment”, say goodbye to moles and fully enjoy your garden without any disturbance.

In conclusion, if you are wondering why moles have chosen your garden as their new home, chances are there are several factors contributing to this decision. Whether due to abundant food, soft soil, lack of predators, protection from bad weather, or favorable conditions for breeding, your garden can provide moles with everything they need to prosper. If you want to deter moles from taking up residence, you may want to consider humane and environmentally friendly deterrent methods, such as planting certain repellent plants or installing underground barriers. Ultimately, finding a balance between preserving your garden and respecting wildlife is essential to creating a harmonious environment for all the creatures that live there.