What are the steps to follow to correctly apply the Stop Mole treatment in your garden ?

Having a beautiful garden is a pleasure, but sometimes uninvited visitors like moles can seem to invite themselves in a little too often. These small underground mammals can quickly turn your garden into a battlefield of dirt mounds, which can be frustrating for any gardener. Fortunately, there are solutions, including Stop Mole treatment, that can help deter these creatures from making your garden their home. Here are the steps to follow to correctly apply this treatment.

Step 1: Identify areas of mole activity

Before starting Stop Mole treatment, it is important to identify areas where moles are active. This can be done by locating fresh mounds of soil in your garden. These mounds are often a sign that moles are tunneling beneath the surface.

Step 2: Prepare the Stop Mole treatment

Stop Mole treatment is usually available in granule or liquid form. Be sure to read the package directions carefully for the right amount to use and the best method of application based on the size of your yard and the extent of the mole infestation.

Step 3: Apply the treatment

If you use granules, spread them evenly over areas where you have spotted mole activity. If you are using a liquid treatment, follow the instructions to properly dilute it in water, then hose the affected areas with the solution.

Step 4: Renew if necessary

Stop Mole treatment may require several applications to be effective, particularly if the mole infestation is large. Be sure to monitor your garden regularly for new signs of mole activity and reapply the treatment as needed.

Step 5: Adopt preventive measures

Once you have successfully kept moles away from your garden, consider taking preventative measures to prevent them from returning. This may include planting plants that repel moles, such as marigold or fennel, or using natural repellents.

What is the mode of action of Stop Mole treatment ?

The Stop Mole treatment stands out for its blazing effectiveness, acting quickly to eliminate moles in a remarkably short period of time, just 5 minutes after the moles ingest the product. This speed of action is due to its ingenious formulation, presented in the form of an ultra-attractive paste specially developed to effectively attract moles, without arousing any taste aversion. As a result, the poison contained in the treatment remains undetectable to these pests, maximizing its elimination potential.

In addition to its immediate effectiveness, Stop Mole treatment also offers considerable economic benefits. With just 500 baits, it is capable of eliminating up to 500 moles, which represents an impressive yield in terms of the number of pests eradicated per unit of product used. This cost-effectiveness makes it a wise choice for gardeners and homeowners looking for an effective and affordable solution to getting rid of invasive moles.

A crucial aspect to highlight is the safety that the Stop Mole treatment offers, both for the user and for the inhabitants of the treatment location. Unlike some products that could pose risks to human or animal health, this treatment is formulated to ensure safe use, providing peace of mind to users.

In addition, its prolonged duration of action constitutes a major advantage. Indeed, once applied, the treatment provides continuous protection for 12 months, thus ensuring lasting defense against moles as well as other burrowing mammals such as marmots, badgers, field mice and voles.

In terms of practicality, using the Stop Mole treatment is extremely simple. Simply apply it directly to mole holes, making it a convenient and easy-to-implement solution to eliminating these pests from your garden or property. With its many advantages, this treatment presents itself as an optimal choice for those seeking to protect their outdoor space from the ravages of moles and other burrowing animals.

By following these simple steps, you can correctly apply the Stop Mole treatment to your garden and return to a peaceful outdoor space free of unwanted mounds of dirt. Remember to always read the instructions on the product packaging carefully and take preventative measures to avoid reinfestation in the future.