How to keep your garden mole-free in the long term ?

If you're an avid gardener, nothing is more frustrating than discovering fresh mounds of dirt in your lawn, a sign of moles. These small underground creatures can cause considerable damage to your garden by digging tunnels and uprooting plants. But don't worry, there are effective long-term control measures to keep your garden mole-free. Here are some practical tips to keep these unwanted people at bay:

To keep your garden mole-free in the long term, several control measures can be put in place. First, improving soil drainage is essential. Moles are attracted to moist, loose soil because it makes it easier to dig their tunnels. By using compost, sand, or other similar materials to improve drainage, you can make your garden less attractive to these little creatures.

Second, using natural repellents can also be effective. Certain plants such as crown imperial, daffodil or martagon lily emit odors that moles hate. Planting these natural repellents around your garden can deter moles from taking up residence.

Third, the installation of underground barriers is another measure to consider. Underground barriers, such as metal mesh or plastic sheeting, can prevent moles from entering your garden by blocking their tunnels.

Fourth, encouraging natural predators of moles can be beneficial. Animals such as snakes, foxes, owls and hawks can help reduce their population. Encouraging the presence of these predators in your garden by providing them with shelter and avoiding the use of environmentally harmful chemicals can be an effective approach.

Fifth, the use of mole traps can be an effective control method. These traps allow moles to be captured and eliminated in a humane manner. Be sure to check traps regularly and release captured moles in a safe location away from your garden.

Use of “Stop Mole” treatment

Using the “Stop Mole” treatment offers a quick and effective solution against moles. In fact, this product eliminates moles in just 5 minutes after ingestion. Its formulation in the form of an ultra-attractive paste makes its use particularly effective, attracting moles without causing taste aversion. In addition, the poison remains undetectable by moles, thus ensuring its effectiveness.

In terms of economy, the “Stop Mole” treatment offers excellent value for money. With just 500 baits, it is possible to eliminate up to 500 moles, making it a cost-effective solution for controlling these pests. In addition, safety is guaranteed both for the user and for the inhabitants of the treatment location.

The action of the "Stop Mole" treatment is also long-lasting, ensuring a persistent effect for 12 months after its application. Additionally, its versatility makes it a suitable choice for different types of burrowing mammals such as moles, marmots, badgers, field mice, voles, and many others.

Finally, its ease of use makes it a practical tool to fight against moles. Simply apply the paste directly to the mole holes to benefit from its maximum effectiveness.

Finally, maintaining your garden regularly is an important preventative measure. Maintaining a well-maintained lawn free of organic debris can make your garden less attractive to moles. Make sure your garden is clean and well-maintained to reduce the risk of infestation in the long term. By combining these different control measures, you can keep your garden mole-free and fully enjoy your outdoor space.

By using these various control strategies in combination, you can ensure the longevity of your garden without the presence of moles. It is important to emphasize that a proactive and consistent approach is crucial to achieve the most effective results. By showing patience and determination, you will be able to enjoy a lush, mole-free garden all year round.