How to deal with moles naturally ?

Moles, with their incessant underground activity, can quickly become a real scourge for gardeners. Their mounds of dirt can damage lawns, destroy flower beds and create unsightly unevenness in your garden. However, before resorting to harsh chemical solutions, there are several natural methods to control and deter moles. In this article, we will explore some of these methods so that you can return to a harmonious and thriving garden.

To deter moles from colonizing your garden, several natural methods can be used. First of all, the use of repellent plants is effective, as some emit odors that repel these underground animals. Options such as crown imperial, sweetgrass and hyacinth can be planted around sensitive areas to keep moles away.

Then, the use of natural repellents is another strategy. Substances such as nettle manure, elderberry manure or crushed garlic are known for their effectiveness in discouraging moles. By applying them directly in galleries or near mounds, you can deter these animals from settling in your garden.

Additionally, humane traps are available to capture moles without causing them harm. Placed in busy galleries, these traps will capture moles alive, then allowing them to be released in a more appropriate location, far from your green space.

Changing the environment of your garden can also limit the presence of moles. Keeping your lawn well mowed and aerated will make the soil less attractive to these animals, who prefer soft, insect-rich soil.

Encouraging the presence of natural predators such as cats, martens and weasels can also help regulate the mole population naturally. Finally, installing metal fences or burlap barriers around sensitive areas can prevent moles from accessing your garden, as long as these barriers extend deep enough into the ground to prevent them from bypassing them. . By wisely combining these different methods, you can protect your garden from moles in an environmentally friendly way.

There are many natural and friendly ways to control mole populations in your garden. By combining several of these methods and adopting a preventative approach, you can minimize the damage caused by these small mammals and regain a pleasant and well-maintained outdoor space.

Effective strategies to combat moles in your garden: Stop Mole

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Furthermore, its economic aspect is another major advantage: with 500 baits, you have the possibility of eliminating up to 500 moles, thus offering optimal profitability for your investment. In terms of safety, this method provides complete protection for both the user and the environment, allowing you to use it with complete peace of mind.

The long-term effectiveness of “Stop Mole” is also impressive, with lasting protection for an extended period of 12 months. This feature guarantees prolonged defense against moles and other burrowing mammals, ensuring the preservation of your garden.

Additionally, “Stop Mole” adapts to a variety of pest species, including not only moles, but also groundhogs, badgers, field mice, voles, and many others. This makes it a versatile and comprehensive solution to combating unwanted invaders in your garden.

Finally, its method of direct application in burrows greatly simplifies its use, thus offering a practical and easy-to-implement solution for all gardeners.

In conclusion, "Stop Mole" represents a global, effective and environmentally friendly solution to protect your garden from moles and other burrowing mammals, allowing you to find a pleasant and well-maintained outdoor space.